Trump’s Old Obama Insults Come Back To Haunt Him Amid New Russia Scandal

In nevertheless a different case of a “tweet for anything,” President Donald Trump’s outdated attacks on former President Barack Obama aren’t getting old quite perfectly.

The New York Occasions noted that Trump been given a published briefing in February about a Russian armed forces unit that compensated bounties to Afghan militants for killing American soldiers. The Linked Push not only confirmed the report but reported the administration knew of the plot given that 2019.

Trump, having said that, claimed on Twitter that he was not briefed about the alleged bounties and an previous Tweet from 2014 resurfaced as a end result: 

In 2018, The Washington Submit noted that Trump never ever reads his individual composed intelligence studies. In accordance to officials, Trump prefers to obtain an oral briefing just two or three instances a 7 days.  

Trump’s claim that he knew nothing at all about the new allegations also prompted this 2013 concept to resurface: 

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