Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes’s Tip for Easy Winged Liner

When it arrives to eye makeup suggestions, Katie Jane Hughes has no shortage, and the good thing is, she’s all about the sharing-is-caring mentality. Most lately, the Brooklyn-primarily based makeup artist discovered a shockingly very simple trick for mastering winged eyeliner, and get this: All you need is your go-to liner, a mirror, and some very good previous fashioned time. Like, at the very least 10 to 15 minutes, people.

In excess of the weekend, the British natural beauty creator unveiled her eyeliner suggestion on Instagram via a limited online video clip with a minimize-and-dry caption that reads, “LINER Idea: Try out executing your liner in very small minor bits. @surratt liner.”

Being the unapologetically nosy splendor journalists that we are, we had to know additional about Hughes’ approach and how the hack actually will work, so we immediately DM’ed her for specifics. You know, as just one does in 2020 for the duration of the middle of a pandemic.

Quickly, we had answers. In a voice note sent to Attract, Hughes spells out her suggestions making use of a straightforward-but-impressive analogy:

“It’s variety of like creating bricks for a household. You you should not just acquire 1 massive significant block and produce a person whole factor out of it — I mean, if you can, that’s good, but by setting up the bricks and accomplishing it bit by bit, you happen to be in regulate of each very little action that you do and hence can easily backtrack or conveniently incorporate a bit more. It truly is about including a little bit at a time simply because it is really less difficult to keep introducing than it is to acquire a great deal of it absent.”

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